Alice sells fish. She has been carefully listening and applying the lessons from her mentors. She started with a loan that was only about $105 US dollars. She carefully invested that into buying larger quantities of fish at a lower rate. This allowed her to make higher profits when she sells her fish.

She is currently working with her mentors to improve her advertising. Figuring out how to let more people know about the different kinds of fish she is selling. She wants to stand out from her competitors by selling high-quality fish and to be a trusted and honest business leader.

Alice is serving as her loan group leader. She encourages others to start working with Mentors Ghana. She personally knows how mentoring and the financial solutions of small loans can make a big difference.

“I thank Mentors Ghana and God for these great blessings. I know that if I am honest and work hard I will receive many more great blessings.”

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