Starting a room cleaning and car detailing business.

As a young married couple, Alvaro and Elisa didn’t have much money. They were just starting, but they were excited for their future together. Alvaro took the Sales and Customer Service course from Mentors International. During that course he got the idea to start a room cleaning and vehicle detailing service. He was very nervous to start this business. He wanted this business to succeed and to be able to earn enough to take care of his wife.

Alvaro’s mentor helped guide him through the process of starting a new business. He was mentored on proper business principles and strategies. He learned the importance of customer service, making sure to be dependable for his customers. He learned to value customer feedback. He also feels like he gained more confidence after taking the classes from Mentors International.

Alvaro’s wife Elisa wanted to get involved so she took the Graphic Design course from Mentors International. She created their logo, advertising, and Facebook page. This has helped get many new customers. She helps him respond quickly to messages on their business Facebook page.

Alvaro still works with his mentors. He is growing his business. Over the last six months, he went from making $200 a month to $500 a month.

Alvaro and Elisa’s found ways to serve some of the widows in their church. They were grateful for this service opportunity that allowed them to “pay” for their vocational training.

Elisa was able to get a good job applying her new graphic design knowledge within 2 months after completing her course.

Alvaro reflected on how much they learned and progressed learning from Mentors International. He shared, “I am very grateful for the donors of Mentors International who make these courses available to everyone for free, especially in the difficult times we live in. Many people do not have the financial resources to pay for a course or do not see it as a priority. For me, the Sales and Customer Service Course and Keystone course motivated me to become a better person, to be more faithful to my principles, and to have more confidence in myself and other people. Thank you, Mentors International, I am eternally grateful.”

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