Ana Maria is sharing what she has learned with her family, friends, and neighbors in Peru.

Ana Maria has been attending the online Mentoring and Keystone courses from Mentors International. She has dedicated herself to be disciplined, responsible, and committed to learning and applying what she has been taught and sharing it with others. She has also understood the importance of saving (ahorros) and is striving to live and teach it to others.

Applying the lessons from our Personal Development Keystone course Ana Maria is changing her habits. Her mindset is more goal orientated. She knows that she has the ability to improve her circumstances.

Despite the various challenges of the pandemic and complying with security protocols, she has visited with some family and friends to impart what she has learned.

Ana Maria has her own business selling natural products, and after completing the training from Mentors International she now keeps her business and personal financial records up to date. Since working with our Mentors Ana Maria has almost doubled her income and started a savings account.

She expresses, “I am grateful to have the wonderful opportunity to take the Mentoring and Keystone lessons. They are helping me a lot in my progress. Knowing how to help many people to change and expand their belief system, which many times limits our growth in each area of ​​our lives.”

Ana Maria stands out for being a very helpful and responsible person with her personal and professional growth. She has the gift of being able to reach people and has a genuine love for others.

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