Angel started his own fast-food business.

“My sincere thanks to Mentors International that strives to provide a better future for people, investing in the most important thing that is education, for me, it is a “golden organization.” Angel from Peru

Due to issues of the pandemic, Angel was unable to work or study. A neighbor told him about Mentors International. Angel was excited about the vocational opportunities and quickly enrolled in our Sales and Customer Service Class.

Inspired by this course Angel opened his own fast-food business. He credits the customer service skills he learned in that course with much of the success of his new business.

Angel found an opportunity to serve a family in his neighborhood to help pay for his course from Mentors International. They had an adobe wall that was in poor condition and in danger of falling.

On one Saturday, Angel gathered several of his friends and they knocked down the wall and started building it again. His friend Kevin who is a professional bricklayer helped oversee the project and ensure that this new wall was built correctly. Angel was also grateful to be able to learn a new skill through his service project.

Today Angel is working on developing his personal creed, and setting additional professional goals. He has also started a personal savings account.

Angel’s teacher described him as a dedicated young man who quickly learned sales techniques. He continues to develop his confidence and professionalism through his work as an entrepreneur. He is always asking questions of his customers to continually discover their needs and wants. Angel is focused on his path to self-reliance and has already started taking the first steps.

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