Anna a Tilapia Fish Seller

Anna lives in the Eastern region of Ghana in a city called Kpong. To help support her husband and four children she worked at the Kpong Presbyterian Primary School serving lunch to students. She was making around $45 USD a month. This wasn’t enough to support her family.

In September of 2019, a friend suggested that Anna talk to Mentors International. Anna was excited for the opportunity to start a side business in addition to working at the primary school. After attending all the business training classes Anna applied for a loan of $137 USD. She started a business selling fresh Tilapia to the public and to small restaurants and food vendors.

Anna actively applied the business and self-reliance principles she was taught. She took pride in only selling the best quality of fish and being honest and fair with her customers. Within three months she was able to save $100 USD, and she invested it back into her Tilapia business.

In June of 2020, she lost her job at the primary school because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. In Ghana, this has caused the loss of many lives and forced many businesses to collapse. The few businesses that survived were those that provided essential services such as food suppliers, financial services, and medical health services, and so on.

Anna shared, “Many thanks to Mentors International for supporting me with mentorship and loans throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. My family now eats good and nutritious food three times a day. My oldest son has been able to complete Secondary education. Also, I have employed my sister who lost her teaching job working at the basic school when it was closed. (pictured below)

I recommend Mentors International to every individual so they can alleviate poverty from their families and help our community to recover. Many thanks to Mentors International and everyone associated with this great organization.”

Today Anna is making around $80 USD a month. She has almost doubled her income.

“Mentors International in Ghana has been my backbone and I can proudly say that I am better than before,” says Anna from Ghana.

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