“Whoever teaches learns more.” – Arelis from Honduras

Arelis has taken consecutive English courses from Mentors International. Putting her new skills to work helping others, Arelis has volunteered her time tutoring her classmates with English classes at the basic, intermediate, and even advanced levels. She has focused her efforts on learning to help.

Arelis shared with us, “Mentors International helped me a lot to reinforce my English and improve my fluency to the point of being able to pass every interview that I was subjected to. The lessons about customer service, sales, claims, and other employment-related activities help me daily in my current job. I am very grateful for all the support Mentors International gave me throughout these last four months, mainly to my teacher and mentor Mr. Denis for his patience and commitment to each student.”

Arelis attended call center interviews on several occasions and in February, she finally found an opportunity to work with a company called fromyouflowers.com in the United States. They needed bilingual agents for the Valentine’s Day season. She gained great experience and continued looking for new employment opportunities. With support from Mentors International, she learned about a call center company called Startek. She was interviewed and hired in the Amazon recruitment department, English speaking. Today Arelis has a secure job with a steady income.

Arelis continued, “I like the emphasis that Mentors International places on self-sufficiency. Through the teachings of Keystone and from mentoring I have developed the habits of personal savings, budget use, and academic preparation, while still focusing on my family.

When I can help others, I will gladly do so, because now I understand the value of service. Without Mentors International, I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of working in a call center, nor of being able to speak English fluently and spontaneously. I recognize that I still have a lot to learn, but I am already on my way, thanks to those who taught me how. Thank you very much, Mr. Denis and Mentors International for what you do for us.”

Due to the pandemic, Arelis’ husband became unemployed for a long time and only obtained temporary jobs, so this permanent job is a great blessing for her family and her fulfillment.

Arelis’ mentor Denis said. “Arelis is the example of a young wife and mother who, based on constant effort, managed to improve herself. I greatly admire her dedication and courage to face challenges, as she had several rejections before getting the opportunity she now has. Her perseverance and persistence are key in this achievement and the development of her abilities in general. She is very dedicated and always goes above and beyond the rest.”

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