TODAY, Atani saves $10 every two weeks.

Her seven children are enjoying good meals and a healthy lifestyle. She is full of praise for Mentors International for the support offered to her.

In a small remote savannah region of Ghana, there is a village called Fuu. That is where Atani and her husband James live with their children.

For over eight years, Atani has worked as a food vendor hoping to bring in additional income to help support her family. Her husband James is a peasant farmer like many others in this community. Most of their children had to drop out of school and it was very difficult to get healthcare for her large family.

In 2020 Mentors International started serving in Atani’s village. She decided to attend these trainings and learn more about our programs. She was mentored and trained on various business topics such as planning, record keeping, customer relationships, and saving.

With a loan of only $91, she added fried fish to her fried yam business. The loan helped pay for the fresh fish and the cooking oil.

Her mentor Hamza Bab said that Atani has learned to be very self-disciplined. She is committed and dedicated to implementing the principles taught.

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