The Success of Aurora Gavino from Peru

“My mother is my hero. She works so hard to give me everything that I need. I am grateful that Mentors Peru helped my mom with training and classes. One day I am going to run my own business and become successful like her.” Nicol from Lima, Peru

Aurora is the proud mother of Nicol. She is grateful that Mentors Peru came into her life so that she could give her daughter more. When asked what her future goals are, Aurora confidently states, “I would like my daughter to receive a university education. I want her to be better prepared in life. I want my business to continue to thrive and I want a home of my own. With Mentors Peru’s support, I believe my goals and dreams will be achieved.”

Aurora Gavino grew up in tiny village of Ancash, Peru. When she was only fifteen years old she went to live with her aunts in Lima. Aurora worked for her aunts in their shoe retail business. Aurora learned the skills of sales and customer service as she worked side by side with her aunts.

When she grew older she started her own business, independent of her family. Aurora focused her business on small clothing items such as undergarments, socks and scarves. There was some risk involved because Aurora’s vendor cart was in the street and being a woman, she was exposed to the dangers of the street.  As a single mother, she is always looking for ways to make life better for her fifteen-year-old daughter Nicol.

Aurora learned about Mentors Peru from of one of her friends who was a leader in the communal bank. She eagerly attended the business training classes training and applied for her first loan of only $500 soles (about $155 USD). Aurora was able to purchase more merchandise for her business which has allowed her to have a slow but steady growth.

Within the first year, Aurora was able to repay her first loan and qualify for another. She is managing to raise the quality of life for herself and for her daughter. Through continual mentoring Aurora now owns a small shop and no longer sells from a vendor cart.

“Mentors Peru has been a great help to me. I have been able to move my family and my business forward. Mentors Peru has understood when difficulties arise and they continue to give me training and mentoring so I can overcome those difficulties.” Aurora says with a smile.

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