The Success of Ayama Korkor from Ghana

Some say it began with a small loan of only $105 USD, but Ayama credits the training and mentoring she received from Mentors Ghana at the starting point that truly started her journey to becoming the successful businesswoman she is today. Reflecting on the past brings tears of gratitude streaming down Ayama’s face because of the memories and hardships she has been able to overcome.

Ayama Korkor is a kind, innovative, and determined mother from Eastern Ghana. Ayama is married and has four children, three sons, and a daughter. Her husband has very poor health and is unable able to work the long hours in farming as he once did. His income just wasn’t enough to provide for the family’s basic needs such as food, housing, and utilities.

Ayama had the strong desire to improve the life of her family. She started her own business of selling smoked fish. She did not have access to any financial institutions to obtain additional funding to purchase more fish for her shop. She didn’t have any extended family that could loan her any money as well. Ayama didn’t give up and tried starting her business anyway. With little knowledge she worked very hard and was able to bring in about $1.05 USD per day in profit. It was at this time that Ayama was introduced to Mentors Ghana by a friend. Ayama attended the business training classes and qualified for her first loan of $105 USD. She was finally able to go to the whole sellers and purchase a larger stock of fish, as a lower price for her.

Word of her delicious smoked fish spread, and Ayama’s business continues to grow today. She appreciates the regular visits from Mentors Ghana to further progress her training and progress.

Ayama’s customers started asking about getting fresh fish along with the smoked fish she was selling. Ayama approached Mentors Ghana and proposed how she wanted to increase the products she was offering her customers. She applied for another loan to purchase a deep freezer, which would allow her to sell fresh fish. A second loan was granted and Ayama’s business experienced high growth. Within a year she was able to purchase an additional freezer as well as repay her loan. She now sells other frozen meats along with the fish. Her reputation as a respected business owner is known throughout her community.

Ayama says, “The lives of my family has improved greatly in just the few years of being associated with Mentors Ghana. I no longer worry about my husband’s ability to provide for our family. I am now able to take better care of him and feed my family more nutritious meals. Because of my income, I am building a new home for my family that is almost finished. I don’t know how to express the joy and happiness running through my soul because of Mentors Ghana. I can boast today that my fate and spirit has been renewed. Thanks to Mentors Ghana for being a father to the fatherless, and a helper for the helpless.”

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