“My greatest dream is to achieve my goals of providing the best for my daughter while becoming a successful businesswoman,” said Maricruz Vasquez with joy

Maricruz and her daughter Xiomara live in Peru. Because of the economic need of Maricruz’s family, while growing up, Maricruz was not able to study a profession. However, she did teach herself how to sew.

Maricruz started her own sewing business repairing clothing. She would mend tears and replace zippers. She was glad to be working, but she longed to do other work, not only to repair clothing but to make clothing as well.

Maricruz met Mentors Peru and with the training and financing she received, she was able to buy fabrics to make different clothing. She received some orders and started to make school uniforms. She continues to implement more clothing options. Maricruz is recognized in the community for the quality and warranty of the clothing she makes.

Maricruz actively continues to participate in the Mentors Peru training classes. She is grateful for her mentor and the advice and guidance she receives.

“I was able to successfully graduate in the business courses dictated by the students of the SEED program,” she says with happiness. “I loved getting my certificate from Mentors and Utah State University. I hope to continue to expand my business and improve the quality of life for me, and my daughter.”

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