Anna (Belky) Meme faces challenges straight on, even during uncertain times. She was pregnant with her third child when she was introduced to Mentors International and the services we provide in her community. Belky was excited to learn new business skills and Self-Reliance principles.

Belky was born in the Dominican Republic, but her parents were immigrants from Haiti. They couldn’t afford the legal birth documents so Belky was never able to attend public schools or work for a company.

Belky’s business is making and selling curtains. After attending business lessons from our MENTORS she used a micro-loan to purchase additional merchandise to start a small convenience store in the front of her home in addition to making curtains.

Implementing our business lessons, she starting planning for the future. She arranged for a friend to help run her little shop after the birth of her child while she was recovering. Belky knows that it is a blessing to be able to have a tienda in front of her home. She is able to work and still takes care of her three young children at the same time.

Two months after the birth of her third child Belky’s husband was injured while at work and lost his eyesight. Belky now is the sole provider for her family. She hasn’t given up, in fact, she has stepped up and now also serves as the loan group leader. She encourages everyone she knows to start attending the business classes offered by Mentors International.

Ruth, our director in the Dominican Republic says that “Belky is a warrior. She continues to work, without complaint. She leads women in the community to educate themselves with the business classes offered by our MENTORS and is one of the leaders who collaborate most with Mentors International in the community.”

Belky has faced many unimaginable hardships, yet just like us, she dreams of a better future for her children. She is grateful for her MENTORS who continue to teach and guide her as she is developing her business. She knows that little-by-little, she is progressing, and that is something she is grateful for.

We are continually impressed by the love and service we see mothers in these developing countries give to their children. These mothers, like Belky demonstrate the same basic wants for their families, to give them a better life, to have them grow into better people.

This Mother’s Day, honor your mother by giving to mothers across the globe.

We will send her a personalized and meaningful card on your behalf.

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