Rebounding After Difficulties

We first shared the story of Belky and her curtain business a little over a year ago.

Everything was going well until March 2020, when the pandemic suddenly hit. This greatly affected her business as well as many other businesses in the Dominican Republic. Belky was unable to continue selling curtains because the markets were closed.

Belky, her husband, and three children were renting a small zinc house. It was in such poor condition it could collapse on them at any time. (pictured below)

With ongoing mentoring and support from Mentors International, they build a wooden house in the backyard of her parents’ home. (pictured above) The money they were spending on rent is now used to start a savings account and pay back their small microloan. Belky feels happy to live in a better condition. This new home makes the whole family feel more secure.

Belky started another business making and selling a sweet peanut treat. She is once again able to financially support her family. (Her husband lost his eyesight after a workplace accident. Read about it in our first post.)

Belky and her family are very grateful to have been introduced to Mentors International in the Dominican Republic. Because of the lessons Belky has implemented, she has a better quality of life both in her businesses and in her home.

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