Before and After, building a better home for their family and to run their business out of.

Benesnel and his wife Minicile live with their two children in the Dominican Republic. Their small house did not provide much security or protection for their family. It was in extremely poor condition built out of a zinc material with dirt floors. When it rained the inside of their house got completely wet.

That was before. TODAY Benesnel and Minicile are in the process of building a new home with concrete materials and a solid roof. They run their business out of their home. So not only are they improving their home, but they are growing their business.

Minicile sells homemade sweets and home-grown vegetables on the streets throughout her community. She uses this income to help with the household expenses, which was greatly needed with the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benesnel and Minicile first learned about Mentors International from a friend at the end of 2019. They both attended all the business training classes and then applied for their first micro-loan of about $200 USD. This loan was used to purchase additional supplies for their business.

Minicile and Benesnel have continued to implement the principles that they were taught as they operate their enterprise. Over the last year, they have increased their income by 65%. For the first time in their lives, Benesnel and Minicile started saving money for the future. They applied for a second loan to expand the business operating space of their kitchen. They used their savings to build a better home.

From their mentors, they learned how to manage their finances. They got several quotes before starting the project to improve their home/business. They made sure that they were getting the best deal. With the new home that they have built Minicile is able to make more sweets to sell.

Benesnel and Minicile are incredibly grateful to Mentors International. They shared with us their desire to pay off their loan as soon as possible. They appreciate the ongoing support from their mentor Ruth as they work to continue improving their lives.

Ruth feels blessed by God that Mentors International was able to help this family who was in such great in need.


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