Bianka felt a great desire to learn how to use a computer.

She knew that it would help her keep better inventory and business records for her small farming enterprise. When she started, she did not even know how to turn on a computer. She enrolled in the Basic Computer Course from Mentors International and has been studying for about four months now.

Everything she has learned in this computer course has become very empowering for Bianka. She feels like she has better control of her small business and can plan for the future.

The Keystone leadership course she completed helped her learn how to set and achieve personal and professional goals. It helped change her mindset to become more optimistic about her future.

The business training and self-reliance principles she received from Mentors International helped her better manage her finances. She saved enough money to purchase a refurbished computer before beginning her computer training course.

She feels incredibly happy to be able to use a computer, especially now that today more and more activities happen through technology. She says that she no longer feels so behind.

Bianka is truly grateful for Mentors International and for all of the mentors and teachers who helped her along the way. She wants everyone to know that it is never too late to learn a new skill.

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