As a young girl, Bintu had great prospects and dreams for the future.

Bintu and her family live in the poor farming community of Tibung in Northern Ghana. They have lived in this small village all of their lives.

As a young girl, Bintu had great prospects and dreams for the future. She learned from her mother how to sew and create bright and beautiful clothing. She wanted to start her dress shop, but unfortunately, life turned her in a different direction. After the untimely passing of her parents, she ended up marrying Issahaku, a local farmer at an early age.

Farming is a very difficult and uncertain profession. If there is not enough rain their crops do not grow and they are unable to provide for their family. Life was very difficult. There were times when Bintu didn’t have enough food for her family. She wanted to help provide for her family.

A friend introduced Bintu to Mentors International in Ghana. She was excited about the business classes they were offering. As she progressed through our courses she started to dream once again about opening her sewing shop.

With a loan of only $72 USD, she bought a sewing machine and began to prepare a space for her business. After paying back her first loan successfully, she then took out another loan of $127 USD and invested that into sewing accessories and more material.

She has learned to manage her finances and invest in her business. Today not only does she make and sell clothing, but she can stock her shop with more materials and accessories so other tailors and seamstresses come and buy from her. Recently she had to hire a young lady to help in her shop because she is so busy.

Today all of Bintu’s and Issahaku’s four children are in school. They are fed more nutritious meals each day. Bintu is excited about her children’s future. She wants them to get the education she was never able to obtain while young.

Bintu is happy and very grateful that Mentors International came her way. This has tremendously changed her life. She hopes Mentors International in Ghana will continue to help her and others in need.

Her mentor Hamza Baba describes Bintu as a dedicated and time-conscious personality. She is always on time and punctual to every lesson.

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