“As a result of the pandemic, I lost my job and spent most of 2020 unemployed.”

“As a result of the pandemic, I lost my job and spent most of 2020 unemployed. During that year, I started a business in Graphic Design. I had previously learned these skills at the Center for Education and Mentoring from Mentors International. I had the knowledge, the tools, to start my new business, despite the challenging times we live in.

I was given the opportunity to participate in mentoring sessions with Allan and Denis who work for Mentors International. Thanks to their mentoring and lessons in business principles, I obtained clients that helped me start my business and support my family. There are always doubts and fears when it comes to undertaking something new, but with the support of key people like my mentors and my family, I was able to achieve growth in my business.

I am very grateful because I can provide for my family and I was able to start a business that allows me to generate extra income to save or to solve emergencies that are so common today. In a figurative way, when I graduated from the Center for Education and Mentoring, I was a child, who did not know what awaited me in life. Now I am a man responsible for a family, for its safety and well-being. Now I feel capable of taking care of them, thanks to the capacities developed from Mentors International.”

Brandon is married to Yoselin and they have a 4-month-old baby.

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