The mentoring Brian and Yaquelin received is what made the difference and helped them change their situation and grow in greater self-reliance.

Brian worked for a local store as a salesman. After working for several years and striving to improve while being a good and productive employee Brian asked for a raise. Due to his request, he was fired. His wife Yaquelin was working in shoe sales and was trying to help support their family while Brian was looking for a new job. After several months, and countless unsuccessful attempts to apply for a new job, Brian and Yaquelin moved in with a relative. Brian worked part-time as a grocery deliveryman for neighborhood stores, but this wasn’t enough for their little family to begin living on their own once again.

A friend and neighbor suggested that Brian and Yaquelin contact Mentors International in Guatemala. Our mentors talked with Brian and learned about his past experiences and listened to what he was looking for in a future profession. Brian then enrolled in our English course to help improve his job prospects. In addition, our staff helped Brian work on his resume because he needed a better job now.

Yaquelin also worked with our mentors and they helped her improve her resume as well. They guided her along in her job search and they referred her to apply for a sales position with the “Soluciones HM” company. With her previous shoe sales experience, this job was a perfect fit. Brian and Yaquelin have only been working with Mentors International for about six months, but they have already started to find great success and develop personally.

Brian just completed his English course and was able to be hired to work at a call center. Their incomes have improved, and their incomes are stable. Wanting to keep improving Brian is taking our Advanced English course. Brian and Yaquelin also completed our Keystone Personal Development Course which helped them set goals and change their mindset to look for new opportunities in the future.

Yaquelin shared “Thank you very much for all that you do as a foundation (Mentors International), finding a job is not an easy task, but with a lot of faith and effort, we did it.”

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