Meet Gina Cabisa from the Philippines. She has a tiny little restaurant that sells burgers, fries, shakes, and other stuff. When the Utah State University SEED interns met her she didn’t have a sign or anything to advertise her small restaurant. Even though she was on a really busy street the only people that were buying her burgers were people that already knew that she sold them.

She was afraid of getting a big sign to advertise because she thought that it would make her business taxes go up. Working together with the SEED interns they brain stormed and decided that making a big menu with a hamburger on it would be the perfect solution. Intern Amanda, drew a hamburger for her to use, and together they thought up the little tag line “Burgers make me smile.” She got the sign up the week before the SEED interns headed home!

Now she sticks out among the other little shops around her, and people walking by know exactly what she offers.

Thank you Amanda, and all of the other SEED interns who are changing lives through their service.

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