On an average day in the office, I called two staff members into a budget meeting. After two hours of digging through the budget, we still were not done, and my stomach was telling me it was time to eat. To keep us at task, I offered to pay for lunch and asked another staffer to bring us back some fast food from one of my favorite places here in Manila called Mang Inasal, or Mr. Grill. I don’t know what they put on their BBQ chicken, but it is really good. Once you add in some rice and their dipping sauce, you have a great combination. The total bill for our lunch was around 300 PHP or $7.50. Although the portions here are a bit smaller, it was interesting to me that I bought lunch for three people for the price I could easily have paid for myself in the States.

Written by Nathan McClellan, Nathan McClellan is the Program Manager of Mentors International’s Philippine branch. He and his family moved to Manila in May 2013.

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