The Success of Carlos Sierra from Guatemala

When Mentors Guatemala invited Carlos to attend their business classes he didn’t think he had much to learn. Carlos has been running his own retail shop for several years on his own. Carlos was surprised at how wrong he was. He said, “I learned many valuable lessons that are going to help my business grow and succeed. I am very grateful for the time my mentors took to teach me what I needed to know.”

From a young age, Carlos Sierra has been working hard to stay on the pathway to success. Growing up in a small village near Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Carols worked hard and devoted himself to his studies. In many ways, Carlos’ hard work and determination prepared him for when he would start his family.

Carlos is married and has a beautiful baby girl. He wanted to provide the best for his family. He searched for work that could sustain all three of them. With his entrepreneurial drive he began to purchase cosmetics, clothes, and shoes to start his own shop. Then he found and rented a small store to sell his inventory. In time he had invested nearly $1,300 USD in his business. Carlos wanted to expand and offer more variety of shoes to his customers. He was introduced to Mentors Guatemala through a friend, and Carlos was excited to find an institution that would lend to him because of his lack of credit. In addition to the small loan, Mentors Guatemala also offered business and personal development classes. Carlos felt that he already knew about business, but as he took the classes, he learned additional skills that he has been able to implement into his business and it is thriving. He received his first loan of only $583 USD and was able to purchase the inventory he needed to offer more diverse products.

“I have many goals and dreams and I know with Mentors Guatemala’s help, I can achieve them. I want to buy a car to transport my merchandise. I want to buy land and build a home for my family. I know I must work hard and I am willing to do so. I will continue to invest in my business and fulfill my aspirations. I will be honest, strong, and provide for my family,” Carlos says resolutely.

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