The Success of Carmela Tiul from Guatemala

“I am really grateful to Mentors Guatemala for trusting us. They have motivated me and my husband to do so much more than we ever thought was possible. Our mentor, Alberto Coy visits us twice a month. He has trained us wisely on how to account for our earnings. We have progressed as a family. We have fulfilled many of our dreams. We know that we are very blessed. We want to be an example to our children. We are showing our children that they can achieve much more if they are wise with their education and earnings.” Said Carmela Tiul from Guatemala.

“I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me my little family which is made up of my three children and my husband. They are my motivation for all good things,” Carmela says with humility.

Carmela and her husband have experienced many difficulties in life, both together and in their growing up years. When they started their family, they wanted to provide more opportunities for their children than they had while growing up.

With much effort, Carmela and her husband decided to start a cardamom farm. They had been saving some money and were able to start with twelve acres of land. It was at this time that Carmela was introduced to Mentors Guatemala. After taking classes and qualifying, she received her first loan for Q 2,500 about USD $326.

They used this first loan to purchase the cardamom plants. Today, they have cultivated almost thirty-two acres of planting and they have about sixteen more acres to be cleaned and planted this year. They are able to help their friends and neighbors by providing them jobs.

Day by day Carmela and her husband are able to see the fruits of their labor. When the current planting season comes to a close, they will clean and fumigate their land and start over with planting, cutting and harvesting more cardamom.

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