Finding Ways to Serve

Celina wanted to perform her 40-hours of community service. She was very grateful for the mentoring and training she received while attending the Sales and Customer Service course from Mentors International. With the COVID-19 restrictions, she didn’t know what she could do? There were strict limitations on leaving her house and interacting with others. Celina was also concerned about getting sick and bringing it home to her family.

Celina learned about the needs of Florencia who lived in her community. Florencia is elderly and all alone. She didn’t have anyone to help take care of her. She was sick and needed help. Celina served Florencia by taking her to the doctor, providing meals, helping her clean her home, and spending time with her. Celina was very careful by wearing gloves and a mask to make sure that she didn’t get sick, or bring sickness to Florencia. For over 5 months, and many more than the 40 required hours Celina helped Florencia.

Florencia was able to recover from her sickness and now lives in another facility that can better take care of her needs. Celina was very grateful for the opportunity to serve Florencia. She is grateful to her Heavenly Father that kept her and her family healthy so that she could serve.

Celina shared with us, “I am much happier today. I have learned to value what I have and to be more grateful. I try to stay productive now and not waste my time. The Keystone course from Mentors International helped me to progress. Before I was discouraged and I couldn’t do everything, school, family, church, my hours of service, but I am achieving it, and I am going for more.”

“Now I understand that I have many qualities and that I am not alone in working towards achieving my goals. I have tools like this course from Mentors International that has helped me become a better person and now I want to help others succeed.”

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