Celina runs a small healthy juice business in Veracruz, Mexico. She shared with us:

“Before starting the Sales and Customer Service course from Mentors International, my future was uncertain. My husband and I had lots of debts. I had to turn to my mother and borrow money so that I could cover my household expenses. I had no savings. I was going into despair and we continued getting into more debt. I didn’t know what direction to take in terms of personal matters. I didn’t have confidence in myself or my business.

This program and course had a great impact on my life. The first lesson from the Keystone Personal Development Course stuck with me, “The vast majority of men and women lead lives of silent despair and go to their graves with that same song still in them.”

I understand that many times we do not achieve our objectives, goals, things that we have planned and we feel frustrated by it, this made me feel the need to progress. During this course, I enjoyed learning about the Art of Positive Self-Talk, since it helped me understand that positive thoughts drive me, and when I let my fears overwhelm my mind, I block myself towards better things. I also really enjoyed focusing on spending not wasting my time and spending it on things that bring me joy.

Before starting my small business, I worked but I had to leave my 11-year-old boy alone when he returned from school. One day I was thinking about opening a healthy juice business. I told my co-worker about my business dream. She told me that I couldn’t do it, and to a certain extent, she made fun of me.

I lived in a city where I did not have many acquaintances, but I had made good friends. I decided to open my business. I didn’t have much, but I had FAITH!

With each technique that I learned in the Sales and Customer Service class, I was able to take my small business to another level. I applied new sales strategies. I identified how I could better serve my customers. I added new mosaic jellies to my menu based on comments from my clients. I’ve gotten new and loyal clients.

I went from having no income to being able to have a monthly income of $290 USD. Before I didn’t have any savings, today I have savings of $175 USD. This might not be much for others, but for me, it is a lot. Today I have no personal debts, and for me, this is a great achievement.

I have always dreamed of finishing my secondary (high-school) education. I had postponed this for one thing or another and to raise my children.

This online program will take a year and a half. Thanks to my business I can afford the tuition of $50 each quarter. Most of my classmates are children from 17 to 20 years old and I am 45 years old, but that doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that I feel sure of myself.

My mentor has been inspirational to me. Cheering me on and helping me to not give up. I am busy with my family, five children, and running my own business. But I am not giving up on my education. I have been inspired by my courses from Mentors International to keep on progressing.

My husband and children are very supportive. Instead of movie nights as a family, we do our homework together. They also motivate me to keep going. I would even like to attend the university and earn a bachelor’s degree one day.

I am very grateful, very happy, and I do not regret having taken this course from Mentors International.

I have learned great things that help me with my family, my business, how to be prudent, genuine, smile despite everything, learning the names of my clients, knowing them better, and more.

I do not know how to fully express all of my gratitude towards Mentors International. Many thanks to this organization because they have mentored me and have created this course for those who want to progress at no cost.”

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