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Join us in transforming generational poverty into sustainable self-reliance through mentorship, training, and financial solutions. Every dollar donated creates $5 of economic impact in the developing countries where we serve.

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Change for Generations

Philanthropy that Works

Throughout the world, more than 3 billion people struggle to survive on less than $2.50 a day. By providing a hand up instead of a handout, we are able to help people in the most poverty-stricken developing countries to become successful entrepreneurs with their own businesses or highly-qualified employees working in local industries. On average, it only takes $129 for one of our mentees to achieve sustainable self-reliance. Best of all, this creates a ripple effect throughout families and communities, ensuring your donation positively impacts lives now, and for generations to come.


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Change for Generations

Transparency you can Trust

In developing countries throughout the world, mentorship can be the difference between failure and lasting success. Through mentorship, we ensure that mentees have access to tools such as training and financial solutions that will help them reach their goals. More importantly, mentorship provides mentees with the guidance and life skills that they need in order to use these tools to achieve sustainable self-reliance.


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