Dania is one of the first participants to qualify for a loan from Mentors International in the Dominican Republic. As a mother with six children, there are many depending on her income.

Dania has faithfully attended each business training class taught by our MENTORS. She is always inviting her friends and neighbors to come to these classes as well. In her community, 50% of the individuals working with Mentors International learned about our programs because of Diana.

Dania is always encouraging her friends. “If you are honest in your dealings, your business will be a success. I tell everyone, it is very important to listen to the lessons from Ruth and the other Mentors. They know what we need to do to become successful.”

Dania takes pride in her little store. She keeps it clean and organized. Thanks to the lessons she has learned she now knows how to keep track of all of her inventory and revenue.

Dania knows that when she pays back her loan, the funds are then lent out to another so that another mother can get a loan, to help grow another business. Diana is a true leader in her community.

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