The Success of Don Pedro Tiu Lux from Guatemala

In a small valley surrounded by mountains is the beautiful city of Sacapulas, Guatemala.  Agriculture is a way of life for many, including Don Pedro Lux.

Don Pedro is a responsible and creative person. As he and his wife Antonia work together to provide for their family. Don Pedro looked for all possible ways to fulfill his aspirations and dreams. For many years he worked various jobs to provide as best as he could for his family. He even started a small garden to sell produce so that they could have extra income and save for the future.

As Don Pedro and Antonia’s family grew older, they never gave up on their desire to give their children more. One day, a friend of Don Pedro’s talk him about him about Mentors Guatemala. Don Pedro was excited and saw the possibility of his dreams becoming reality. After completing classes and training, Don Pedro received his first loan and combined with the money he had saved, was able to purchase a small store. The store had been around for some time, but with his added training and produce from his own garden, Don Pedro and Antonia began to see good results. In time, he was able to supply and expand the variety of products offered to their customers. Don Pedro and Antonia taught their children how to work at the store and together as a family, they created a steady source of income.

Don Pedro has completed three loan cycles with Mentors Guatemala. His children have grown and begun families of their own. Don Pedro and Antonia still own and work at the store, and continue to expand when they feel it is necessary. They also continue to raise a small garden of onions and garlic, because the products sell very well at their store.

“I am really grateful for the trust that has been given to me by Mentors Guatemala. With their help, I have been able to move my family forward. I have instilled in my children the need to prepare for the future and they have seen the fruits of hard work and responsibility. My life is different and better since being involved with Mentors Guatemala.”

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