After Kwasi Boateng lost his job he moved his family from the city to a smaller village in Tamale in Ghana to live with family. Kwasi started peasant farming with his wife in the village in hopes of providing for his family. Unfortunately, the land was not fertile enough to grow crops. Kwasi was very discouraged and didn’t feel he was qualified to try any other type of employment. Farming was all he knew, and it wasn’t working.

While in the village, he met representatives of Mentors Ghana. He discussed the possibility of poultry farming. Mentors Ghana invited Kwasi into the program and provided him training on how his plans could best be fulfilled. His first loan was for 1,000 GHC ($181 USD) which he used to buy one hundred broiler chickens. He raised them and then sold them for meat. After three months, with a lot of hard work and proper record keeping, Kwasu had a profit of $543 USD.

Kwasi’s customers approached him about their need for eggs. Kwasi was able to expand his business and added five hundred laying chickens with a second loan from Mentors Ghana. Kwasi and his family tell everyone they know about Mentors Ghana. They want all of their neighbors to receive the blessings of the business trainings from Mentors Ghana.

Kwasi is living happily now and can afford to provide for his family. He has paid back everyone one of his loans. He said, “Even though we are now in a small village, we live better than when we were in the city. We say a very big Thank You to Mentors Ghana for transforming our lives.”

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