“I have battled poverty most of my life. When a stroke took over the health of my husband I was burdened with the task of providing for our family and our four children.

This small wooden structure (pictured above) was where we lived. I tried to sell consumables, but we ended up eating what little there was to sell. When Mentors Ghana found me I had closed down my shop because I was out of money. I didn’t know what to do, or where to go.

Mentors Ghana trained me and helped provide the capital to get my business going again. This is how far I have come.

I am very proud of my shop today. (pictured below)  Now I can feed my family with good and nutritious meals three times a day. My kids are currently in school without any difficulty. I am most grateful to Mentors Ghana for making me a happy woman. God bless Mentors Ghana.”

– Doris from Senkubenase, Eastern Ghana

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