The Success of Ediberto and Maria Bruno from Peru

“It is never too late to be able to learn to live better.” – Ediberto & Maria Bruno

In the district of San Miguel del Faíque, Perú, lives Maria Bruno, a forty-seven-year-old woman with purpose and intent. Maria married her childhood sweetheart Ediberto at a young age and together they have three children. As their family grew, Maria and Ediberto moved to the San Miguel del Faíque region in search of new opportunities and to provide a better future for their children.

Side by side with her husband, Maria purchased some chickens and began a business of selling eggs. In time, Maria added medicine, passion fruit, cocoa, corn and peas to her business. She was very committed and sustained this business for fifteen years.  However, as the years passed, Maria felt like she was not progressing. Her store wasn’t growing, and she barely was getting by.

In February of 2018, while listening to the radio, Maria heard that Mentors Perú had opened a new branch locally. She immediately contacted Mentors Perú and asked about the program that helps and teaches businesswomen. Maria was a perfect candidate and she excelled in the business classes.  She took charge of organizing a solidarity group in her area to allow others to work together and support each other as developing entrepreneurs.

Maria’s first loan was for $2,000 soles, about $600 USD which she invested in the purchase of groceries to add more variety to her shop. Her business started to grow as word spread of the new products that she was able to sell. She was able to purchase a larger quantity of products, at lower prices, allowing her price margin to go up, as well as her income.

In Maria’s words, she told us, “I am happy to participate in the Mentors Perú program because it is an institution that helps me progress with my business through capital, training, and advice. I have been able to grow my income and improve the quality of life for my family. My motto is, to be honest in business and in life and I will be blessed. I have been greatly blessed because Mentors Perú came into my life.”

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