The Success of Edilberto Risco from Peru

Edilberto Risco and his wife love their community. “My neighbors are family. We help each other when times are hard and we all reep the benefits.”

Edilberto lives in a small farming community. One day Edilberto met a man who worked for Mentors Peru. They talked about their work and farming. Edilberto was invited to start coming to their business classes. Edilberto loved the idea and not only did he come, but he gathered a whole group of surrounding farmers and friends and they started learning from Mentors Peru. They eagerly attended classes learning about improving their crops, how to run a business and how to manager their money.

Edilberto was very excited to apply his lessons to his business. With his first laon he invested in planning Castilian beans, hybrind corn, and he started a beef selling business.

“This training has taught me to efficiently distribute my money and to know how much to invest. After making my house payment and food expenses, I still have money left over. That has never happened before. I apply the additional income to the financial plan that I learned from my mentors,” he says enthusiastically. My quality of life has improved, my family has improved, I have improved economically, and I have learned leadership skills. I feel empowered.”

Edilberto’s wife is an example in their community also. She has a successful food cart business due to her excellent customer service. She serves on the Administrative Board of Water and Sanitation services. She helps to distribute domestic water in the community for free, providing assistance to the people in greatest need.

Edilberto and his wife are great examples to learn from and follow. They have many plans and dreams for the future. “Thank you Mentors Peru for coming to our community. Thank you for supporting our family.We are all doing much better because of you.”

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