In less than a year, they can already see significant progress.

Elide lives in a small community called Seyé in the Yucatán peninsula. Elide has raised three children with her business of cutting and styling hair for the last 15 years. She has run her business from her humble home made of sticks and sheets.

When Mentors International first came to her community to offer group mentoring and business training, Elide immediately decided to register and attend the training. She began attending the training classes with her son Emilio.

With great personal discipline, they both make efforts to apply each business and self-reliance principle taught in the group meetings. For example, Emilio helped his mother keep accounting records for her business on his computer. Every day he reminded her of the importance of writing down each expense and income.

After 15 years of running her business Elide knew that her business had potential to grow even more. Her electric hair clippers at the time were more than ten years old. Elide applied for a small micro-loan of only $170 to purchase new clippers. When people saw her shiny new professional clippers, they were eager to have her give them a haircut. The number of haircuts she was providing was steadily increasing.

Elide also used her savings to buy additional beauty supplies for her business. As a result, she was listening better to her customers and purchasing their requested products. These new product offerings generated more income for her business.

In the beginning, Elide was only making about $150 dollars a month. Today she is making around $425 dollar a month.

Elide and her family are very grateful for having found Mentors International. They are thankful for the business mentoring and self-reliance lessons they have received from their Professional Mentor, and they are appreciative for the opportunity to receive a micro-loan and improve their business.

In less than a year, they can already see significant progress. Today Elide and Emilio are still looking for opportunities to grow their business. Emilio loves working and helping his mother, but his dream is to attend university one day. He wants to start his own business to pay for his education.

Elide and Emilio are grateful for the new knowledge they have received, and they desire to contribute and help others in their community improve their businesses.

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