The Success of Elma Leticia Ajsivinac from Guatemala

Elma rises each day with the goal to learn something new and make improvements. “I am very grateful for the trust Mentors Guatemala has in me. I know that if I am always honest with my customers, and with my mentors, my shop will be successful. God bless those who brought this institution to my community.”

Elma Leticia Ajsivinac grew up in the village of El Camán, Patzicía Chimaltenango. She is a loving and dedicated wife and mother. She feels very fulfilled and blessed in her calling as a mother, but she is also very proud of her small shop and her business career.

A few years ago Elma started a business selling small convenience items. “I love helping people find what they need. I listen to my customers and I order the products that they want and request.” In the beginning this was very difficult for Elma. She didn’t have any extra funds to use to purchase these requested items. Her business was struggling to make a profit. A family member had worked with Mentors Guatemala in the past and suggested that she contact them.

Elma visited their office the very next day. She was eager to share her vision for her store with the mentors. Elma worked hard to implement the suggestions and business techniques that her mentors shared with her. Today, Elma is getting ready to pay back her fourth loan. She has been able to more than double the amount of products she offers in her shop. She has invested in her shop making it more secure with installing metal bars. Elma has demonstrated that she is very responsible and hardworking.

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