Emira’s Story from Guatemala

“I have learned not only computer skills but also about how to make my life more productive and meaningful. I am currently striving to achieve my personal and professional goals that align with my values, principles, and beliefs.”

Emira is currently taking the Microsoft Suite course from Mentors International at our Center for Education and Mentoring in Guatemala. Emira has loved her training so much that she has invited two other friends to start taking courses as well.

Emira’s goal is to find a job after she completes this course so that she can help with her family’s expenses. Because of the pandemic, her parents were out of work for a while. This was a difficult time for their family. Emira is grateful that Mentors International is providing vocational training online so that she can improve her job skills and qualify to apply for better jobs.

Emira shared with us, “Many schools are closed because of the pandemic, I am grateful that Mentors International is open. I can pay for my schooling through service. Helping others makes me feel good. One of the most important things that I have been able to learn from my teachers and mentors is that I must not give up, I must set small goals that will help me achieve the big ones. My teacher taught me that I must be brave and leave my comfort zone to reach my goals.”

Emira’s teacher says; “She is an excellent student, I have seen her efforts to achieve her goals. I have also observed that she is persevering in working for what she wants. I am very grateful to have such a dedicated student because I learn from her.”

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