Enrique is an optimistic entrepreneur who continues to set high goals and strive to do things better.

He along with his wife and four children have a small farm and produce stand in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Enrique has been working hard since he was a little child. He wanted to expand his farm to provide better for his family, but he didn’t have the resources to be able to achieve his goal.

Then a friend introduced him to Mentors International in Guatemala. He was very excited, and couldn’t wait to start attending the training classes offers through Mentors. After his mentoring and training, he took out his first loan and invested in seeds, fertilizer, and some farming equipment to help him improve his enterprise. He was able to expand his crops from just cabbage to add carrots, potatoes, and radishes.

His crops and his business has grown rapidly since he invested his first loan. He has more than doubled his harvest. It wasn’t easy, and he has put all of his time and efforts into improving his farm and business. Through his dedication and determination, he is beginning to see the fruits of his labor. He has always been on time for his loan payments. Additionally, because of the training Mentors International provided him, he is also starting to save for the future so that he can continue to grow his business.

Enrique thanks Mentors International for giving him the right help, at the right time. He hopes that Mentors International will always be there to continue to provide future loans and guidance. He wants you to know that you can always put your trust in him and that he will be a good steward of the loan money that has been entrusted to him.

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