Rosa Ramona Perez Lopez

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Meet Rosa from Guatemala

Doña Rosa Ramona Pérez López and her family worked a small farm that helped to feed their family and provided them with a small income. Rosa wanted more for her family. Her goal was to change their way of life. When Rosa was introduced to Mentors Guatemala she was very eager for the opportunity to learn how to provide a better income for her family.

With her first loan she invested in a larger variety of seeds for her farm. Now she successfully plants peas, broccoli, beet, carrot, lettuce, and cabbage. Each harvest has become more successful and since she has a greater variety and quality of produce, her customers are eager to purchase from her.

Rosa’s farm was producing better and her family’s economic situation was starting to improve, but Rosa knew that she could do so much more. With additional business training from her Mentors, Rosa applied for another loan and opened up a new business venture of a daily consumer store. This store has created additional income, and also jobs for her family.

Rosa takes pride in her shop. She is always cleaning and organizing the shelves. She has learned how to keep detailed records. Every time one of her mentors stops by she is eager to show them her paperwork. Her mentors are very proud of her. Rosa implements what she has been taught and she is making great progress.

These business ventures have changed their lives for the better. While to many their lives are still very simple and humble, for Rosa, and her family they are now able to better financially provide for the basic needs of their family.

“I am very grateful for the trust and advice that was given to me from Mentors Guatemala. I want to continue progressing with my projects and business ideas. I tell everyone that I know about Mentors Guatemala. They are honest, trustworthy, and they truly care about you and want to see you get ahead. Thank you so much for your support.”