Filiberto and His Mentor Juan

Filiberto’s wife and three daughters motivated him to started his own business. He previously worked as a public transportation driver. It was tedious work driving around all day and the pay was very low. He left that job and began to drive motorcycle taxis, but his situation didn’t improve. Filiberto wanted to open up his own restaurant.

With determination, Filiberto opened his own restaurant with few resources. He lacked the capital to buy more dishes and supplies. He was evaluated by his financial mentor Juan with Mentors International. Juan was able to teach and then qualify Filiberto for a micro-loan of $600 USD. Filiberto invested his micro-loan and purchased tables, chairs, pots, groceries, and a television for the business. His customers loved the improvements to his restaurant and orders increased. Filiberto’s wife and two daughters currently work at the restaurant. He is grateful for the support of his family. During difficult times they are the ones who give him the strength to continue. (Pictured below is Filiberto and his wife Mercedes)

Filiberto didn’t stop there. He applied for a second micro-loan and added on to his home. He now had extra living space that he rented out for a second income.

Filiberto is grateful to Juan and Mentors International for teaching him these new business skills. Filiberto is managing his business by keeping financial records, creating a personal savings account, and investing properly in his business.

Filiberto feels incredibly happy and is grateful to Mentors International for the support and mentoring he receives from them. He understands that there is still a long way to go since he is in the investment stage and the returns will come with perseverance. When the country was on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his income was significantly affected.  Slowly things are improving, and Filiberto is re-establishing himself and his restaurant. He says, “I will stay motivated and be persistent and continue with my plans without fainting.”

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