After a successful launch in September 2019, our Phnom Penh Center for Education and Mentoring is off to a great start.

Our staff has come together to create a model Center for Education and Mentoring and is rapidly amplifying educational and mentoring opportunities and measuring the outcomes.

On January 11th we held our ceremonies for our first graduating class. Friends and family were invited to celebrate with our staff and students at all they have accomplished during this last semester. Many of the students who have enrolled for our first term in 2020 were also in attendance.

We have already seen a 92% jump in enrollment for the first term of 2020, almost double from the previous term, and our positive enrollment trend continues.

The community outreach has already garnered the attention of a few monks who have already enrolled for a class in the coming term.

We are excited for 2020 and all of the opportunities to mentor, serve and teach through our new Center for Education and Mentoring.

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