Overcoming Life’s Challenges

It was a difficult time for Florencio. He had many health issues that made him unable to work for a time. In addition, their family’s financial situation was very challenging. As a result, Florencio decided to start a honey business. Instead of becoming an immediate source of income, the startup costs involved brought more expenses than anticipated and more worries.

Soon after starting his new enterprise Florencio became involved with Mentors International in Mexico. His mentor, Guadalupe, helped him organize his finances into a budget to help avoid any unnecessary expenses. Additionally, the Keystone personal development lessons helped him improve emotionally and face his challenges head-on. Florencio felt that these lessons were so important that he shared them with his wife and children.

Under the guidance and encouragement from his Mentor, Florencio improved his honey sales business. Previously he only sold honey by the liter, but today he sells honey in 20-liter buckets. As a result, his company is growing, and Florencio feels empowered and empathetic toward the people he works with.

Florencio set a goal and then obtained a “Quality Certification” rating for his honey from the local government. This has added value to his product and set him apart from his competition.

Florencio is energized and eager to learn more. He is currently attending the Sales and Customer Service class from Mentors International. He is eager to apply his new knowledge to help expand his business and attract new customers. Getting feedback from his customers, Florencio will start selling coffee in addition to his honey.

Florencio feeling great satisfaction for being part of Mentors International. He states, “Mentors International and the programs they offer help many people to find stability in their personal sphere. Homes, finances, work, education, and businesses are all improved when one applies what they learn from Mentors International. I feel gratitude for the mentoring, and with the current situation in the world, I feel what I have learned is essential to find success.”

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