The Success of Franklin from Peru

In the region of Piura, Peru lives Franklin, his wife Rosa, and their two children; a six-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. Franklin is a dedicated father and provider.

Franklin enjoys working with the soil; planting, cultivating, and producing crops. He is, however, at the mercy of mother nature. Agriculture can be very difficult and unpredictable. At times Franklin feels frustrated and burdensome as he strives to care for his crops in the dry season.

Franklin’s first small loan was for about $330 USD. He used it to pay for the expenses of planting and the ability to irrigate. With mentoring, business training, and his small loan, Franklin said he began to feel unburdened and knew he was on his way to overcome his difficulties.

Since working with Mentors International in Peru, Franklin has been able to plant rice, several different varieties of corn, lemon trees, and other vegetables.

Today, Franklin has become the president of the Agriculture Solidarity Group. “I advise my group that we need to be very honest with Mentors International because they have provided us with many advantages. They have helped us get ahead economically and intellectually with the advice they give us every month in our classes. I request that we continue our commitment to being able to keep moving forward and work with Mentors International until we reach our goals. Because of Mentors International, I am able to provide better for my family.” says Franklin dynamically.

Franklin’s mentor Nilton says, “Mr. Franklin is an example to follow. He always has the best outlook on life and helps others continue to grow.”

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