Gifty has a brighter future.

After the unexpected death of her husband two years ago, Gifty was left alone to raise their three children. Previously, Gifty and her late husband were into peasant farming but due to her ill health, she could not continue because she is weak and unable to do the hard work on the farm. She had to depend on other family members for food, medication, clothes, etc. which was not always guaranteed.

A friend introduced Gifty to Mentors International and its programs. She did not hesitate to join the business class and participated actively. After completing the business training she then qualified for a $200 USD loan to start her business. Gifty began by selling sachet water on a table by the side of the road.

Today, she has added soft drinks, bread, and biscuits to her inventory which she sells to school children and others who use the road in front of her house.

Customer satisfaction and savings principles were her best topics during the training period. Gifty has since started a personal savings account and has increased her inventories. She now has $90 in savings and feels better prepared if future challenges come her way.

She makes an average profit of $ 30 USD a week. Her goal is to own a provisions shop in the future, not just have a table, and to take good care of her children. Gifty can now provide nutritious food for herself and her children three times a day.

“Many thanks to Mentors International for saving my family,” She told us when we visited her.

Gifty lives in a small village called Akiyem Tumfa in the eastern region of Ghana.

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