Giovanna’s goal is to improve herself every day

Giovanna lives with her husband Eduardo, and their two children Samanta 14 years old and Christopher 8 years old, in Lima, Peru.

Giovanna has tried several small businesses in the past, but they didn’t provide much income. She tried selling various products from soft drinks to chickens and eggs. She even tried a business selling her homemade wine. Although she did not prosper in these business ventures, she gained valuable experience and learned many things about being an entrepreneur.

Giovanna heard about Mentors International in Peru from her friends that are also entrepreneurs. She met with Nilton, one of our mentors, and shared her dream of starting her own business. She had previously taken two years of sewing classes at an Occupational Education Center, and she loved sewing, but she did not have a sewing machine.

After completing her business classes, Giovanna applied and qualified for a loan of $300 USD which she used to purchase her first sewing machine.

Word of Giovanna’s sewing skills started to spread and her workload quickly increased. Giovanna applied the lessons she was taught and invested her earnings back into her business. She purchased two more sewing machines and began making and designing clothing in addition to repairs and alterations.

At the end of 2020, Giovanna contracted the COVID-19 virus along with some of her family members. She went through the painful loss of her mother due to the pandemic and life became even more challenging. She was unable to work for a time, and her business suffered. With her faith, and through the support of Nilton, her mentor, once she was recovered, she began reaching out to her clients and started working again. She continued to pursue her dreams.

Her goal is to improve herself every day and to take additional classes to provide better specialty services for her customers.

Nilton says of Giovanna, “We have excellent communication. She is transparent with her finances and has learned to better manage her business. She paid all her financial installments on time. She likes a good challenge. She is a dedicated mother and wife, and we admire her strength and courage. I know she will continue to progress in life.”

In the beginning, Giovanna was earning about $150 per month. to date, she is earning $880 per month.

Giovanna says,” I am grateful to Mentors International because they support and trust small businesses. They provided me with financing without impossible requirements for payback like the banking institutions. I have been able to guarantee myself and show that I can meet my payments. I have gained confidence in myself.”

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