Mentors International along with our partners CHOICE Humanitarian and local savings and loan co-ops in Nepal have been successfully providing MENTORING and business development trainings in Nepal for a year and a half.

In November of 2019, our MENTORS started a contest among the business training participants. Those that were applying the principles that they were being taught to their own enterprises were in the running to win a plastic greenhouse in February 2020. This would allow them to continue to grow vegetables during the offseason. This contest was suggested by our in-country MENTORS as a means of encouraging more participation in our training classes.

This activity was very well received throughout the community. Participants were really trying to implement the new training principles that they were receiving. YES, three individuals were very excited to win new greenhouses, but EVERYONE was a winner as they started seeing the progress and growth within their own small enterprises.

Mr. Kedar Raymajhi (pictured above), Ms. Maiyya Devi Karki, and Ms.Radhika Karki were the three winners of our MENTORS training contest.

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