Graduating and Starting a New Business

Meet Halima, a resilient mother from Malawi whose journey with Mentors International has remarkably transformed her life. Despite the challenge of having to wait because classes were capacity, she didn’t give up and patiently waited a semester to enroll with Mentors International. Her perseverance paid off and she recently graduated, completing her Microsoft Office certification with Mentors International.

With a 9-month-old baby to care for, Halima managed to balance her studies with family responsibilities, thanks to the unwavering support from her loved ones. The Keystone course offered by Mentors International became a turning point for her. Through this program, she learned time management skills, empowering her to effectively run a new business while supporting her family.

Halima’s entrepreneurial drive was discovered during this transformative journey, and she opened a mobile money transfer service in Malawi. Grateful for the mentorship and personal development lessons from Mentors International, she found inspiration to pursue further enterprises. Her next venture? A stationary shop started with the savings she accumulated.

But beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Halima’s wants to provide a brighter future for her son through quality education. She firmly believes that by investing in her growth and success today, she paves the way for her child’s success tomorrow. Mentors International has given her the essential skills and guidance to navigate this path towards a brighter tomorrow for her family.

Halima’s journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Mentors International, empowering individuals like her to overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, and build a better future for themselves and their families.

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