“Doña María has a very positive outlook on life. Day by day, little by little, she tries to improve her quality of life and that of her whole family, and that is something to admire.” – Eduardo López, her mentor from Mentors Guatemala.

With the advice from Mentors Guatemala, Maria and her husband Benjamin have been looking for private companies to sell their vegetables too. This will allow them to get a higher price for their produce. Maria and Benjamin operate a small farm in Huehuetenango.

With the support of their first small loan, they purchased additional seeds in greater varieties. With their second loan, they invested it in buying tools that will help them better cultivate and harvest their sweet peas, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and more. Each day they are growing in greater self-reliance. They have always paid their loans back on time.

One of the greatest lessons that Maria has truly implemented is the importance of keeping records. She is able to know where their funds are going, and what expenses will be coming up. She is planning for the future, and that is good for business.

Their next goal is to save up for a down payment on a pick-up truck so that Benjamin can take their produce to the local markets. This will allow them to save money and not have to rely on a middle man.

“Mentors Guatemala has supported me throughout this entire process. Since from the very beginning the advice given and providing the loans has made my life very different. My children have been the biggest beneficiaries of this whole process. I hope to continue having confidence. Thank you to those that have supported Mentors Guatemala that made it possible for them to support my family. One day I hope to leave a decent home and business to my children so that they can grow and provide for their families.” Maria

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