Hector and Mirtha were running three businesses and trying to raise their little family.

When Hector was 12 years old his father gave him two cows as his “inheritance” and was responsible for their care. He continued raising and breeding cattle and then selling them for an income. He learned responsibility from a very young age.

Later on, Hector married Mirtha, and today they have a young son. A little over 2 years ago in addition to his cattle business, Hector started a new hardware business selling light bulbs, switches, cables, wire, mirrors, etc. He was only 24 years old when starting his second business.

To attract more customers, and to increase their income Mirtha started selling corn empanadas and wheat tortillas out of their hardware store. Hector and Mirtha were running three businesses and trying to raise their little family. In their words, they felt paralyzed. They felt like they couldn’t advance or progress.

During this period one afternoon, they were listening to a local radio talk show and they heard about Mentors International and the entrepreneurship classes they teach. Hector immediately reached out to learn more. He started attending classes with other farmers and entrepreneurs in their region.

Hector’s first loan was for only $275 USD. He used it to purchase medicine for the animals that he raises and sells and more merchandise for his hardware store. Slowly and surely his business and income began to grow.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit their region, his sales fell completely and his inventory disappeared in his hardware store. Thanks to his training he learned to manage and control the balances of his business. Today he knows how much his income is, and where he needs to be investing in his businesses more.

Little by little his inventory is growing again. There are still many challenges and restrictions, but Hector and Mirtha are determined not to give up.

Today this family feels very happy and grateful to be able to participate in the Mentors International program in Piura, Peru. In their words they tell us: “I have been able to grow my income economically and improve the quality of life for my family thanks to our Mentors. My motto is: “No matter how slow you go, don’t stop” I know that if there is no battle there is no victory. We are honest in our business and faithful in making our loan payments. Soon we will have paid off our loan. Thank you to those that make this program possible.”

His mentor Alexandar said, “I congratulate Héctor for not giving up and being clear about his vision of progress. He is a young entrepreneur who is aware that there is a long way to go. I believe in him and know that he will achieve success.”

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