“I am grateful for my challenges. They have helped me to follow forward to my dreams”

Epifania Silvia Ayala

Epifania Silvia Ayala, is a fierce woman with dedicated conviction and has raised her three children alone. She has demonstrated that in the face of adversity and poverty, work and entrepreneurship are the only allies to be able to make your dreams a reality. For the 14 years, she has lived in Lima, Peru where she has had to work hard to make ends meet.

When she was left alone to care for her children, she decided to place a shop window in the door of her home and open a small business selling cleaning products like detergent, toilet paper, and other hygiene merchandise. She would handwash clothes by day and then return home to attend her small shop. Her greatest desire was to dedicate her full time and energy to her home-run store.

Four years ago, Epifania learned about Mentors Peru and joined our San Martin community group. There she began participating in training meetings, learning more about savings and equity financing before receiving a loan for 500 soles (about $152 USD.)

With the help of a small loan, she invested in more products for her store and now the income of her small business is improving. She fully dedicates herself to her growing business and wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and attends to her clients from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. She has great deals for her customers and is kind to everyone.

“I feel great. Mentors Peru has been a huge help and I enjoy the meetings with the group. I can now save money and am responsible. I don’t wait until the last minute to make my loan payments.”

Epifania would eventually like to open a small restaurant or a cafeteria and feels very grateful for what she has already accomplished despite the many challenges in her life and with her family.

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