“I love my family and I want to make sure that I can take good care of them.” Rolando, from Guatemala.

Rolando and Maria Sinay are the happy parents of two beautiful daughters, Maria Everilda, 11 years-old, and Ashlin Estella, 9 years-old. They are a close family and Rolando and Maria want the best they can give their daughters.

The Sinay family lives in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. From the beginning of their marriage, they have been dedicated to farming to provide for themselves. They plant and harvest corn, beans, squash, and tomatillos. Some years the planting and harvest seasons are difficult due to weather conditions and the Sinay family continually struggled.

When Rolando met Mentors Guatemala, he began to smile more and more. He was first excited about receiving some financial support. Rolando says, “I was pleased to receive so much more than just a loan. First, I received a friendly smile that made me feel safe and comfortable, then I received instruction and training on how to use the loan. I received other ideas from my mentor on how to earn income. With my wife, we started a tortillaria located in our home. This way we would not lose sight of our most precious daughters.”

Since receiving the loan and mentoring, things have improved for the Sinay family. They can provide for themselves and have enough gain to have some savings. They continue with both the tortilla business and farming.

Rolando and Maria are very grateful to Mentors Guatemala for the support given to them and their family. Schooling for their daughters is a priority for them. They feel they can fulfill their dream of seeing their daughters one day graduating in whatever field they choose.

Rolando and Maria comment, “May God bless all those who make these funds possible. We hope that Mentors Guatemala can bring hope to more families in our community who need it so much.”

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