“I kept challenging myself daily. I see life as a long university education that I never had. Every day I am learning something new with Mentors Peru, which helps me improve my business,” Mayra says with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Mayra Lopez

Mayra Lopez, an entrepreneurial woman from San Miguel del Faique. She is strong in spirit and full of a desire to improve her life. From the time she was twelve-years-old, she started working as a kitchen assistant to help her parents provide for their family. Mayra was able to complete her secondary education but had no means to go to college.

It was Mayra’s dream to be a business owner, she wanted to own her own restaurant. Despite her limited resources, with determination and some assistance from her parents, Mayra managed to start a small business of selling food.

She felt that something was missing. Mayra heard about a solidarity group, El Cedro La Lima, that was part of Mentors Peru. She began classes and training and received her first loan of only $400 USD for her business.

Mayra used to sell about eight different types of food items, now with the increase in sales, customer demand, and investing her micro-loan she sells over eight times that amount of items today. She also employs her oldest daughter to help with the family business.

“I feel very grateful to Mentor Peru, for their help and training. I have been able to increase my income and improve my quality of work. My main goal is to have a bigger place. Persistence is very important if you want to make your dreams come true.”

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