Pictured above is Faustina with her two employees.

“My name is Faustina and I live in Banso. I have had no formal education, but Mentors Ghana has made me realize that it is never too late to learn in life.

Their business trainings and regular visitations from the financial mentors has made it possible for me to be counted among the privileged in society. I was trading on a tabletop selling vegetables in my community. My capital was inadequate and I could not always meet the needs of my customers. Putting food on the table for my family was very difficult because my husband was jobless.

I was given GHC 800 ($148 USD) as my first loan and it was very helpful. I am currently on a second loan of GHC 1500 ($279 USD). I have now employed two ladies who help in my business and I pay them a very good wage of GHC 5.00 each, per day.

I feed them and their kids besides my family. My grandchildren are always happy coming to me because I provide most of their needs as well. I will say it is a blessing to have an organization like Mentors Ghana.

What they do is entirely different from other financial organization. I am a happy mother now and my kids, my family, and the entire community are proud of me. My recognition and influence in society has increased due to the transformation Mentors Ghana has brought into my life. We have enough to eat and wear.

God should continue to bless us all. Thank you!!!” –  Faustina Korowaa

Pictured below on the left is Faustina in front of her start up table before working with Mentors Ghana. Pictured on the right is Faustina with her family.

She now has a store with fully stocked shelves. She is able to meet the requests of her customers. Faustina has become a great example throughout her community. She eagerly applies the training from our mentors. You can see the difference a small loan partnered with mentoring and training has done in her life.

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