Learning English Opened Doors of Opportunity

Jackeline learned about Mentors International from a friend who had previously taken a vocational course at our Center for Education and Mentoring. Jackeline has learned a little bit of English previously but her skill level was very basic. She knew that there were serval opportunities to find good jobs if she only could improve her fluency.

Not only did she learn how to speak better English, but she learned better study skills. Jackeline applied herself and dedicated her time to listening and learning all she could.

Jackeline shares how her life has improved by being a part of Mentors International, “It is so rewarding to work and earn a good salary that gives me the ability to buy the things I need and to be able to live a more self-sufficient life. Mentors International allowed me to learn English and thanks to that, I am working in a good call center receiving calls and helping others speaking English!”

Troy, Jackeline’s teacher, shared, “One can quickly see great potential in certain people. When I started teaching Jackeline, she was at a very basic level of English, attending classes every day, completing all her assignments, making progress, and looking for opportunities to listen to people speak English as much as she could. I knew she was going to go a long way in her progress. The amazing thing is how fast it came! Even before reaching the middle of the intermediate course, Jackeline had already gotten a job in a call center and was earning a great income. Our method simply works, and all the students who do what she did can achieve the same outcome.”

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